The Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory provides expert and principled artistic training for the professional actor. We are the premier acting conservatory in the Bay Area providing a serious and complete core training for the acting instrument in Meisner Technique, Linklater Voice Work, and Movement for Actors.

Founder and Master Meisner teacher Rachael Adler is the only teacher in the Bay Area to train with Sanford Meisner himself and receive a certification from the Neighborhood Playhouse Teacher Training Program.

Waterfront gives its artists the tools they need to meet the challenges and collaborations that await them in the 21st century. Graduates emerge from the Conservatory with access to
– a state-of-the-art blackbox theatre that serves as an incubator for new work
– a powerful network of disciplined actors, writers and directors in the Bay Area
   as well as Los Angeles.