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Business of Acting – Workshops + Industry Showcase

Taught by Brian Patacca, coaching by Rachael Adler

This three-part acting workshop teaches actors how to make a successful career in the acting business. Learn to make the most of meetings, auditions and self-marketing, create your own personal promo materials, and showcase your work for industry professionals.

Part One: Master Class – You Do You

  • How to Work on your Business Successfully
  • What You Market & How
  • Who are Your Most Powerful Marketing Targets
  • What Fulfills You

Part Two: An Actor Pitches & Prepares for Meetings and Showcase

  • – Creating a Pitch Sheet/Preparing for Meetings & Phone Calls
  • – How to Use the Internet & How Not to be Annoying
  • – Performance Prep – Pairing Actors & Scenes

Part Three: Rehearsal & Showcase


Workshop 1: Jul 26; Sun, 10a-3p
Workshop 2: Aug 16; Sun, 10a-3p
Showcase: Oct 17- 19; Times TBD


Workshop 1: $150 due July 17 [cost included in Level 6]
Workshop 2: $150 due Aug 7 [cost included in Level 6]
Showcase: $450 due Sep 26

Note: Workshops 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for participation in the Showcase; but the Showcase is not required to participate in the first two workshops.


On Camera Audition Intensive with Tim Phillips

May 17 & 18, 2014
Saturday, 1-4pm
Sunday, 10a-3pm
Master Audition Coach Tim Phillips will introduce you to “Sherlock Holmesing” the text,” one of the most comprehensive breakthrough approaches to auditions for the working professional actor.

Tim has coached over 40,000 auditions and over 70% of his students book the auditions they bring into class. He ignited the careers of Emmy Winner Richard Schiff, Emmy & Golden Globe Nominee Wendy Malick, Nancy Travis, Roma Maffia, and thousands of other actors who are Series Regulars, Recurring and Top of Show Guest Star actors on Television and in Feature Films today.  He recently coached Justin Timberlake, Molly Simms, Jane Brook, Joanne Baron, and Justin Chatwin.  To Register, Click Here


Career Intensive: 2 Workshops

Comfort On Camera with Deb Fink
Mar 9 & 16, 2014
Comfort On Camera is designed to help you get comfortable with who you are and what you look like on camera. This course is structured like an on going acting class; and, it will teach you how to prepare for auditions and focus on your individual needs in order to cultivate awareness, confidence, and skills for auditions and performances. In this two week, on camera, workout focused class, you will practice on camera copy and scenarios from actual film, tv, industrial, and improv auditions.  During this class, a visiting coach from the Los Angeles and New York markets will come to present a master class that will help you answer questions regarding aligning your career and honing your brand by learning to enjoy the business of acting. This workshop will be offered at an additional fee, and fits into the COC curriculum perfectly.  It is ideal to take both workshops if possible.


Business of Acting with Brian Pattaca
March 15, 2014
Join Brian for a fast-paced, innovative workshop where you’ll align your career and life by learning the five tools every actor needs so that you can thrive in the business of acting. He focuses on creating an environment that is spontaneous and effective, while continuing to inspire your artistic spirit.



Weekend Shakespeare & Company Intensivekrausnick
Alumni Intensive, taught by Dennis Krausnick

Weekend Shakespeare & Company Intensive
for Beginners, taught by Dennis Krausnick, see below

Weekend Shakespeare & Company Intensive
Alumni Intensive

Tuesday & Thursday, Oct 8 & 10
Friday – Sunday, Oct. 11 – 13
The San Francisco Alumni Intensive is an opportunity to check back in with Shakespeare & Company’s training. No matter what your level of experience you will share a common vocabulary and common work ethic with fellow actors who have all trained in our aesthetic at different times in their careers.You are welcome to bring in a role you are working on, monologues for auditions, or a scene you have begun to work on with another fellow alum. No matter where you are, your work will move to the next level.The Intensive is 26 hours of training. Two weeknight sessions preceding 20 hours in the Weekend Intensive schedule over the weekend of October 11-13. This set up allows us to structure the workshop to meet the specific needs for our alumni.  When you apply we invite you to include requests, suggestions, and aspirations that you have and we will take those desires and comments into consideration as we structure the workshop so that it will benefit all participants.Since we are working with alumni it may be possible for us to accommodate one or two conflicts participants may have which we normally cannot do for our Weekend Intensives. These should be addressed in advance of the workshop.

Weekend Shakespeare & Company Intensive
– for Beginners

Friday – Sunday, Oct. 4 – 6
The Weekend Intensives are designed to meet the needs of actors who seek an introduction to Shakespeare & Company’s training methods, and an opportunity to re-awaken and revitalize their relationship to Shakespeare’s text.
Weekend Intensives are most often held in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Twin Cities, Dallas, Baltimore, and at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA. (Check the right column of this page for scheduled Weekend Intensives.)

The weekend intensive format:
Friday 7pm-10pm  an introduction to Shakespeare & Company’s aesthetic and an opportunity for the actors to shift gears and focus on their work through a series of exercises involving voice, body and memory work.

Saturday 10am-10pm focuses on the actor’s individual voice and experiences, which are incorporated into a monologue that the actor has prepared for the class.

Sunday 10am-4pm moves more vigorously through the voice and body work, with the actors reconnecting with Shakespeare’s text, revisiting their monologues and exploring how the structure of the verse might influence character and performance.

Adequate time for meal breaks is given, though participants are responsible for their own meals.
The workshops are limited to 15 participants.
Take the opportunity to refresh your craft and reconnect with the work. Actors who have completed our Month-long Intensive, Summer Training Institute, or Conservatory programs are eligible for a 20% discount on the Weekend Intensive.
Application Deadline: Two weeks before start of the workshop.
(Applicants may be accepted after deadline as space allows.)

There are only a few spots left in the class, and applications are due by Friday, September 6. You can apply online here. Tuition is $300. For more info about S&Co, click here.



tim-phillips-teachingCharacter Intensive: Building the Physical Life of the Character
with Tim Phillips

June 14 – 16, 2013
From Tim Phillips:

“This process originated with Sanford Meisner and was taught to me by Robert Patterson, the strictest of Meisner adherents. But, after years of teaching students who came to me from many different Meisner and non-Meisner teachers, it’s clear to me that no one is teaching this approach to character work. I don’t want it to be diluted, and I’m afraid it will be lost forever unless I pass it along.

For professional actors who want to have a fuller, more complete understanding of building the physical and emotional life of a character, this workshop is a must. It will change the way you build character for the rest of your career.

Once enrolled, actors will be sent very clear and specific homework instructions. They will be asked to come to the workshop with a working knowledge of the play and the character. They will collect everything written in the play about their character, collect what the character does mostly (an active verb), and collect the beginnings of costume. This preparation requires many hours of work so actors should be prepared to do so.

No character you’ll ever do will remain a mystery.

Because this is a new seminar for the Bay Area, I’m happy to offer my three-day-weekend seminar for an introductory fee of $500.

This weekend will change the way you approach characters forever. If you need to know more about me, you can read my bio here and visit my website at”

Prerequisite: Advanced Scene Study, Tuesdays, May 21 – June 11, 10a – 2p *(see below for more info)
Cost: $500
Deposit: $250 due May 14. Balance due by June 10. All fees paid are non-refundable.
Limited to 12 people.


On-Camera Audition Technique Weekend Intensive (three parts), with Tim Phillips & Deb Fink
February 15 – 17, 2013

“My confidence, my grounding, and my bookings went up literally 300% – 400% after working with Tim [Phillips]. I mean, the intuitive thing that Tim has developed and how he zeroes in on a script, and also you, and then just being in his company, your work just opens up and you discover things about yourself. So whenever I walk into an audition, literally I went five months and booked every job. You know, month after month, and this is four or five scripts, I was turning down jobs. And I attribute it 100% to just the grounding and the confidence I got in going in that room and delivering what I could. So if you get a chance to work with him, he’s definitely a master.”—Robert Wisdom (Prison Break, The Wire, Face Off, and Ray)

Back by popular demand! This three-part workshop with Tim Phillips and Deb Fink is designed to help actors prepare their best for T.V., film, commercial, and industrial auditions.

Tim Phillips has worked as an actor with Meryl Streep, Robert Duvall, and Klaus Maria Brandauer, and he ignited the careers of Emmy Winner Richard Schiff, Emmy and Golden Globe Nominee Wendy Malick, Nancy Travis, Roma Maffia, and thousands of other actors in his 25 years of teaching. He recently coached Justin Timberlake, Molly Simms, Jane Brook, Joanne Baron, Justin Chatwin, and Kate Del Castillo. Tim also taught famed acting coach Larry Moss; in his book “The Intent to Live,” Larry Moss wrote that “Tim Phillips…taught me to be more specific than I knew I could be.”

“Sherlock Holmesing” the text is the foundation of Tim’s audition technique. It evolved through his 25 years of coaching actors in New York and Los Angeles and grew out of Meisner technique–but goes much further.

“The difference between acting in class and acting in the real world is working with Tim Phillips.”
—Richard Schiff (Emmy Award winner for West Wing)

Lecture: Sherlock Holmes-ing the Text with Tim Phillips
Friday, February 15, 7p – 9p
This lecture is for working professionals looking to glean all the information possible from their audition material as quickly and effectively as possible. Emphasis is placed on script interpretation through Tim’s technique of “Sherlock Holmes-ing” the text and character analysis.

Workshop: On-Camera Audition & Script Analysis Workshop for Film & TV with Tim Phillips
Saturday, February 16, 10a – 5p
This is a practical nuts & bolts approach to crafting your auditions for the camera. Using the information gleaned from Tim’s Friday-night lecture, this workshop helps actors with crafting the first moment; developing relationships to persons, places, things, and events; and determining and social dictates. These tools become clear via a working audit of the class. The workshop is structured much like a callback-audition situation, with Tim giving adjustments and direction based on the material at hand. This allows students to learn from one another in a supportive and positive environment.

  • Direct Eye Contact with the object of your behavior
  • Not looking beyond a 45-degree angle of camera
  • Never looking away unless you are looking TO something or someone
  • Dealing with multiple and off screen characters
  • Taking extreme and result oriented direction
  • Ice-cold reading to camera
  • Eliminating bad facial habits
  • Multiple takes to allow for understanding how to attack adjustments

Workshop: Comfort On Camera for Commercials & Industrials with Deb Fink
Sunday, February 17, 1p – 5p
$125 (All fees paid are non-refundable.)
“Where do I fit in?” Take an active role in discovering your type specific, range (age and character), and marketability as a professional actor.Honesty is generally the best policy when trying to figure out where you fit into this wacky business we call show. Every market is different, trends are changing constantly, and producers often don’t really know what they want or need until you show them. In this workshop with Deb Fink, start to develop, hone, and focus your skills around creating the type, range, and marketability that only you possess. We will discuss the different market trends (SF, LA, New York), marketing materials (head shots and resumes, Internet presence, reel footage, etc.), representation, and how to take responsibility for your own success in the industry. You will also have a chance to look at yourself on camera and start to learn what works for you–and what doesn’t–in terms of your look, wardrobe, make up, and performance. Deb Fink’s workshop is a safe place to make discoveries and take control of your destiny!

Friday, 7p – 9p
Saturday, 10a – 5p
Sunday, 1p – 5p
$425 (All fees paid are non-refundable.)

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Private Coaching One-on-one coaching with with Tim Phillips
Sunday, February 17
$160/hour (By appointment only. Contact


Master Class Workshop
(for graduates of Meisner Technique Levels III & IV)
Taught by Rachael Adler in Barcelona, Spain
October 18 – November 2, 2013