Actor’s Recommended Reading


Adler, StellaThe Art of Acting
Adler, StellaStella Adler on America’s Master Playwrights: O’Neill, Odets, Williams, Miller, Albee, et al
Ball, WilliamA Sense of Direction
Bates, BrianThe Way of the Actor: A Path to Knowledge & Power
Caldarone, Marina – Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus
Cameron, JuliaThe Artist’s Way
Clurman, HaroldOn Directing
Clurman, HaroldThe Fervent Years: The Group Theatre and the Thirties
Davis, BelvaNever In My Wildest Dreams
Deavere, Anna – Talk to Me: Listening Between the Lines
Duncan, IsadoraMy Life
Elbow, PeterWriting Without Teachers
Esper, WilliamThe Actors Art and Craft
Euland, Brenda– If You Want to Write
Frankl, ViktorMan’s Search For Meaning
Friedman, GingerThe Perfect Monologue, the foreward though p. 35
Graham, MarthaBlood Memory
Hagen, UtaA Challenge For the Actor, Introduction by Stella Adler
Herrigel, EugeneZen and the Art of Archery
Jackson, PhilSacred Hoops: Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior
Kazan, EliaElia Kazan: A Life
La Gallienne, EvaThe Mystic in the Theatre: Eleanora Duse
Linklater, KristinFreeing the Natural Voice: Imagery and Art in the Practice of Voice and Language
Meisner, SanfordOn Acting
Miller, AliceThe Drama of the Gifted Child
Moss, Larry Intent to Live
Rilke, Rainer MariaLetters To A Young Poet
Rodenburg, PatsyThe Second Circle
Poitier, Sydney – The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography
Serrano, MiguelJung & Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships
Shahn, BenThe Shape of Content
Shurtleff, MichaelAudition
Skinner, Cornelia OtisMadame Sarah: Sarah Bernhardt
Sotomayor, SoniaMy Beloved Life
Stanislavsky, ConstantinMy Life In Art
Washington, Booker T. – Up From Slavery

Albee, Edward
Chekhov, Anton
Churchill, Caryl
Delaney, Shelagh
Hansberry, Lorraine
Ibsen, Henrik
Inge, William
Ionesco, Eugene
Letts, Tracy
Lindsay-Abaire, David
Mamet, David
Miller, Arthur
Norman, Marsha
O’Neill, Eugene
Odets, Clifford
Pinter, Harold
Rabe, David
Shanley, John Patrick
Shaw, George Bernard
Shepard, Sam
Simon, Neil
Strindberg, August
Williams, Tennessee
Wilson, August
Wilson, Lanford
Among Others…