Waterfront Conservatory is a professional actors training program. Every level of experience is welcome to apply to the Waterfront Conservatory. Commitment to work, punctuality, and discipline are an absolute requirement. At this time, we accept applications from actors over 18 years old.

Acting Training:
The time commitment for this program includes 7 – 8 hours of classroom time each week plus a minimum of 2 – 4 hours of rehearsal time outside the classroom each week. This is an intense program that requires deep emotional involvement, consistency and serious commitment in order to fully benefit from the program.

Voice and Movement Training:
As a training program for professional actors, Waterfront also offers adjunct classes in Voice and Movement. Waterfront’s curriculum includes classes in Linklater Voice Technique, Feldenkrais and Movement for Actors, in addition to classes in other disciplines of the craft specific to the needs of the particular actor and ensemble.