Rachael works with leaders using a wide range of performance techniques to help them communicate with confidence, authenticity and presence in executive presentations and a variety of high-stakes scenarios.


Amy Logan – President, UN Women 

“Rachael’s work with our company was a vital element in the success of the project. Her leadership, techniques, generosity, ability to adapt to our specific needs, and the spirit with which she infused the group brought the project to life — I cannot recommend her more highly!”

Venetia Pristevic – Creative Director, Airbnb 

“We wanted to do something very unique for a conference and Rachael helped us execute the idea seamlessly. Working with Rachael was like working with a true master. She has the ability of being both direct and soft and can give whatever the moment needs. She was able to draw out different sides of the founders (Brian Chesky and Joe Gabbia) and myself, giving us the confidence we needed to perform. A true professional, a magnificent listener and an overall creative bad ass, she can add flavor to any environment and I can’t wait to work with her again!” 

Jen Rainin – CEO, Kenneth Rainin Foundation

“Working with Rachael changed my life. She created a professional, serious and safe environment and provided a thoughtful and structured program. I was able to trust her from the moment I met her, and that gave me the ability to let go of my bad habits and open myself to the richness of my emotions.”