Summer Workshops: The Meisner Technique

Core to our training is the Meisner Technique, one of the great American acting methods. Join us for one of two weekend intensives, July 15th & 16th or August 12th & 13th, in which students are guided through a robust series of exercises developed by Sanford Meisner. The exercises are developed to release conditioned patterns that interfere with the actor’s instincts and emotional impulses, while simultaneously developing concentration and the imagination. The Meisner Technique cultivates actors who are penetrable, spontaneous and disciplined. Meisner trained actors include Sandra Bullock, David Duchovny, James Franco, Michelle Pfeiffer, Naomi Watts, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Robert Duvall, David Mamet among many others. Open to all levels.

Saturday: Participants are introduced to the basic exercise of the Meisner Technique, designed to develop the actor’s concentration and to strengthen each actor’s instrument to become increasingly responsive and expressive within the imaginary circumstances.
Sunday: We build on the basic exercise, utilizing tools of the technique to engage the imagination through improvisational scene work. These tools are designed to increase vulnerability and develop a rich emotional life on stage.

Limited to 14 students.

July Workshop Dates & Times
Saturday, July 15th: 1pm-5pm
Sunday, July 16th: 10am-4pm

Tuition: $207 ($187 earlybird paid by July 4)
By July 4:
Starting July 5:

August Workshop Dates & Times
Saturday, August 12th: 1pm-5pm
Sunday, August 13th: 10am-4pm

Tuition: $207 ($187 earlybird paid by August 2)
By August 2 :
Starting August 3:

Intensives held at Waterfront Production House & Conservatory
2020 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA