Yat, Meisner and their Fusion

A New Era in Acting Conservatories

Meisner Technique + Yat Method: A Fusion

An innovative approach to professional performance

Contemporary. Exciting. A revolutionary new training technique that challenges the boundaries of how we become truthful and transformative, for theater artists and performers who want to go the distance.

Our faculty and students are actors, directors, writers and dancers who are serious about digging deeply into their crafts and want to move beyond the norm. Whether early, mid or professional career, our dynamic program is geared to bring out the unexpected and visionary in us all, students and faculty. We are inclusive, inter-disciplinary, and challenged to create work that matters globally through performance.


Waterfront Production House and Conservatory trains performers of all levels in a unique core curriculum of Meisner Technique and the Yat Method, movement, vocal work and an ongoing study of Politics, Heritage and Theater History, as well as guest teachers and collaborators from this country, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our goal is production, and the training of an army of theater and film makers. We provide an artistic home in which actors, writers, directors and dancers pursue the serious study of their craft, necessary to the creation of globally significant, cutting-edge work.


 The Fusion of Yat + Meisner

What happens when you take one of the great American acting techniques and one of the great European acting techniques, Meisner and the Yat Work, and put them together, allowing them to support and spring off the other?

You get a fusion of two great processes. A Supermethod. An approach that requires rigor, generosity and a willingness to go beyond what you thought was possible. If you commit to coming in with that rigor and generosity, this work will take you to places you did not know existed in you.

For actors of all levels, from early to professional career, the Meisner-Yat Fusion brings together the deep truth and spontaneity of Meisner and the profound inner transformation and freedom of Yat. The result? Actors who access parts of themselves they didn’t know were there. Expanded range. Theater artists who can sink their teeth into writing, directing or performing diverse roles with radical honesty. It will take you beyond what you thought was possible.

That is exciting.



THE YAT WORK meisner technique

The Yat Work is a unique methodological approach to acting and character transformation – the work of trail-blazing performer and teacher, Yat Malmgren, who mentored Tom. It begins with physical exercises, swings, that focus on letting go of what you unconsciously rely on, unlocking resistances you are unaware of, and making physical contact with new levels of creative freedom, all ultimately producing the freedom to take greater risks. The body, not the mind, makes key discoveries to free the artist up quickly, reliably, and deeply. Students have the visceral experience of becoming and feeling free in unexpected ways, accessing parts of themselves with which they usually don’t have contact. Through improvisations, text and  written scenarios the work delivers ground-shifting discoveries and a capacity for inner character transformation not taught by American techniques. The Yat work meets each person exactly where they are, right now, regardless of training or experience. This allows for rapid growth and shifts, both personally and artistically, in any student willing to commit and take the risk. In the work, the performer can transform to as to become unrecognizable.





Meisner Work is a fundamental American acting technique developed by Sanford Meisner from his work with Stanislavsky and the Group Theater. Living moment-to-moment and responding truthfully to a scene partner’s behavior, actors get out of their heads and start working from instinct. Ever truthful, dynamic behavior and authentic emotional responses produce penetrable, deeply honest performers. Meisner training involves a series of rigorous improvisational exercises, monologues and scene work developed by Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. The technique explores Imagination, with focuses on Facts, Relationship, Points-of-View and the nuances of Relationship, Physical Impediments, Parody, Script Analysis and Research.